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Students of the Master's Program in Human Rights visited the new Human Rights House in Moscow
Employees of the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Federation held another lecture for students of the Consortium of Russian Universities. This time, the students got an opportunity to know more about the educational project "Human Rights Map of Russia". As well, they talked about the preparation and presentation of the annual Report of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation.
Opening of the Master's Programme in International Human Rights Protection
The event was attended by students of Moscow State Academy of Law, PFUR, Russian State University of Civil Engineering, Russian Academy of Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering, Moscow State University, ROSNOU, VAVT. In addition, students of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia, B. B., joined the lecture by videoconference. In addition, the lecture was joined by students of the Yeltsin Ural Federal University, the Humanitarian University of Yekaterinburg and the Ural State Law University.
GU news: "Important: Talk about human rights."
On October 15, 2019 in Ekaterinburg will be held an international scientific-practical conference on "Development of the theory and practice of human rights protection in the XXI century".
Students from China - at the Ural State University Summer Law School
For the third year now, future Chinese lawyers have been sent to the Ural State University of Law for in-depth study of the peculiarities of the Russian state structure, constitutional and civil legislation, legal English language and international standards of human rights protection
SDGs and Human Rights - the theme of the Summer School in Russia
The School was opened by Georgette Gagnon, Head of the Field Missions and Technical Cooperation Department of the United Nations Office for Human Rights. "The 2030 Agenda provides a fairer, more sustainable, people-centred and human rights-based development model and sets out specific goals, targets and indicators to ensure the realization of a human rights framework of freedom from fear and want
Tenth Law School for Teachers of the Sverdlovsk Region
The annual School was organized by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Sverdlovsk Region, the Association of Law Teachers of the Sverdlovsk Region, the Faculty of Law of the Humanitarian University, and participants in the project