Invited lecturers

On an equal basis with the courses provided by the curriculum, magistrates have the opportunity to listen the cycles of lectures of foreign professors in Russian and English. Annually, Consortium of Russian Universities, with the support of OHCHR and the Venice Consortium, invites well-known foreign specialists in the field of international human rights law who, as invited professors, lectures to magistrates of the Russian partner Universities of Consortium.These classes are broadcast on the video link from the university, where the professor is located, to all Universities of Consortium.

Dirk Hebecker (Germany)
Fabrizio Marella (Italy)
Marco Sassòli (Switzerland)
Boldizsár Nagy (Hungary)
Brice Dickson (United Kingdom)
Zdzislaw Kedzia (Poland)
Jean Paul Lehners (Luxembourg)

Carla Gomes (Portugal)
Felipe Gomez (Spain)
Ernesto Rey Cantor (Colombia)

Martin Evie (South Africa)