I Summerschool on Human Rights (2011)

         From 20 to 25 June 2011, the master's students of the Institute of European law became parties to the Moscow Summer school for Human Rights, organized by Consortium of Universities of the joint Master's Program on Human Rights, implemented by the RUDN University, MGIMO University (on the basis of the Institute of European law) and Russian State University for the Humanities with the support of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation. The school was held on the basis of the law faculty of RUDN University.

         46 students from 8 countries took part in the Moscow summer school. Classes were held in Russian and English.

         From the first day of the program was full of lectures and practical exercises. In the first day before the audience, Mr. Dirk Hebecker, Senior Human Rights Adviser to the United Nations system in the Russian Federation opened the introductory lecture using the «icebreaker» technique.

         This approach immediately allowed to unite participants into a single team and keep this spirit for the entire period of the Moscow Summer school.

In the format of interactive communication, classes were conducted with prominent foreign researchers in the field of human rights, such as John Cleary (San Diego State University, USA), Bryce Dixon (Director of the Center for Human Rights at the Royal University of Belfast Law School), Shane Darcy (Irish Center on Human Rights of the National University of Ireland) and ViníciusAlmadaMozetic(President of the International University Center for Human Rights in Latin America).

         Participants of the Summer school 2011 received a unique opportunity to listen to lectures on human rights of such professionals as G.F. Kunadze(deputy head of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation), L.M. Alekseeva (chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group), who told the participants about what a human rights defender should be, S.G. Aivazova (a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, expert on gender issues), Professor A.Kh.Abashidze (Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, head of the department of international law of RUDN University, vice-chairman of the UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights).

         The audience considered such issues as: the specifics of the activities of the European Court of Human Rights; protection of women's rights; the inter-American system for the protection of human rights and the work of the national institution for human rights; The International Criminal Court; the impact of the treaty bodies of the United Nations system in the protection of human rights; human rights and Latin America: social exclusion, poverty and child labor.

         Specially for the participants of the Moscow Summer school 2011, a round table «Freedom of speech and assembly» was organized, which took place in the museum and the public center named after A.D. Sakharov.

         The summing-up of the results of the 2011 Moscow Summer school for Human Rights ended with a solemn ceremony of awarding certificates.

         Already literally a couple of days after the closing of the Moscow Summer school, the masters of the Institute of European law of MGIMO University, in the framework of the joint Russian Master's programme on human rights, flew to Venice for an internship at the summer school on human rights at the Venice Academy for Human Rights, which began on July 1.